1960's Canon

Canon FT QL

Canon FT QL
Release Year1966
Release Price54,800 yen (~$500)
Lens MountFL Mount

Introduced a year after the Canon Pellix, the Canon FT QL had a normal quick-return reflex mirror and stop-down TTL metering. The finder’s condenser lens was cut at a 45-degree angle. Twelve percent of the image area surface was semi-silvered with vapor deposition. The incident light reflected by this semi-transparent mirror was directed to the metering element. The viewfinder had match-needle exposure metering. The distance to the metering element was the same as the distance to the focal plane. Therefore the camera had the same focal plane metering characteristics as the Canon Pellix.

The Canon Booster for low-light metering down to EV 3.5 (23 sec. at f/1.4) was available as an optional accessory attachable to the accessory shoe.

During the production run of the Canon FT QL, Canon quietly upgraded some components and made minor cosmetic changes. Some of the changes are listed below:

  • The battery charge lever font color has been changed from blue to black.
  • The serial number has been relocated from the rear of the camera, next to the viewfinder, to the top plate, below the battery charge lever.
  • The “Canon Camera Company. Inc.” text is removed from the back of the camera.
  • The “Made in Japan” text is relocated from the rear of the camera, to the bottom of the camera.
  • The screw-in battery compartment lid adds a coin slot for easier access.
  • The film pressure plate is significantly larger for better alignment.
  • The mirror lock up lever is slightly larger for easier handling.
  • The circular hump is removed from the back of the camera. under the film rewind knob.
  • The rear film transport area next to the shutter has an extra step for smoother operation.

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