1950's Canon



The Canonflex 35mm SLR camera was launched in May 1959 by the Canon Camera Co., Tokyo, Japan. It is the first SLR camera from this, at the time, well known rangefinder camera manufacturer.

The Canonflex used a high-quality, breechlock lens mount. The lens flange ring was turned to lock the lens onto the camera flange’s bayonet lugs. The lens flange and camera flange did not rub against each other like today’s lens mounts.The camera used Super-Canomatic lenses which had a fast, fully-automatic diaphragm. A 130-degree winding trigger at the camera bottom enabled quick film advance. An external selenium exposure meter could also be attached.

The Canonflex has a cloth shutter-curtain unlike the contemporary rangefinder Canons, metal was considered unnecessary being protected by the mirror from sun burning it. The back is opened by a key at the base, turning it fully snaps open the door. The attention to details is apparent in these and other features, like the self-timer with a fold-out key and the nine-piece rewind lever. Under it is a eminently well designed film reminder, consisting of two scales for film speed and type.

Release Year1959
Release Price59,500 yen (~$550)
Lens MountR Mount

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