1970's Pentax

Pentax K2

Pentax K2

The Pentax K2 was a popular 35mm film SLR camera released by Pentax in 1975.


It had several features that made it stand out from other cameras of the time:

Shutter Priority Mode: The K2 had a unique shutter priority mode that allowed users to set the shutter speed. It also let the camera choose the appropriate aperture for proper exposure.

TTL Metering: The K2 had a through-the-lens (TTL) metering system that allowed for accurate exposure readings.

Full Manual Control: The K2 also allowed for full manual control over aperture and shutter speed. This gave photographers complete control over their shots.

Bright Viewfinder: The K2 had a bright and clear viewfinder that made it easy to compose shots and focus.

Mirror Lock-up: The K2 also had a mirror lock-up feature, which allowed for smoother and more stable shots. It was especially noticeable when using slower shutter speeds.

Self-timer: The K2 had a built-in self-timer, which allowed for more flexibility in taking group shots or self-portraits.

Multiple Exposure Capability: The K2 also had a multiple exposure feature that allowed photographers to expose the same frame multiple times, creating unique and creative images.

Flash Sync: The K2 had a flash sync speed of 1/125th of a second, which made it easy to use with external flash units.


Overall, the Pentax K2 was a versatile and feature-rich camera that was popular among photographers in the 1970s and remains a favorite of film enthusiasts today. Yes, the Pentax K2 was considered a very good camera during its time and is still well-regarded today by film camera enthusiasts. It offered advanced features like shutter priority mode, TTL metering, mirror lock-up, and multiple exposure capability, which were not commonly found on other cameras of its time. The K2 was also well-built and had a durable, all-metal body that could withstand heavy use. Many photographers appreciated the K2’s bright viewfinder, which made it easy to compose shots and focus accurately. Overall, the Pentax K2 was a high-quality camera that offered advanced features and solid build quality, making it a popular choice among serious amateur and professional photographers.

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