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Pentax SF7

Pentax SF7

The Pentax SF7, called the SF10 in the United States, is an autofocus 35mm SLR made by Pentax. It was released in 1988 and was intended to be used with Pentax F series lenses. It is their third autofocus camera, after the Pentax SFX.

Shooting modes

It comes with several shooting modes, programmed and shutter-priority autoexposure require control of the lens aperture, and so only available if an F-series lens is used.

  • A-series lens support most functions including shutter-priority and programmed AE.
  • M-series lenses do not support shutter-priority or programmed AE.
  • 42mm screw-mount lenses can be used but no AE modes can be used.

Settings are displayed in an LCD panel on the rear of the camera, shooting modes are selected using a mode button on the left. Plus, there’s also a selector switch to adjust setting within each mode.

The Pentax SF7 has a shutter speed between 1/2000 to 1 second. There is no conventional cable release socket, an electronic cable release is available for use with slower shutter speeds.


The camera is compatible with a range of Pentax flashes. It supports programmed auto flash or TTL metered flash. There is also a small built-in flash. There is a hot shoe behind the shutter release.

The camera reads DX-coded 35mm film with speeds between ISO 25 and ISO 5000. It will default to ISO 100 if non-DX-coded film is used.

The camera requires a 2CR5 6V battery to power the screen.

It has a built-in film motor but it isn’t automatic, there is a button at the bottom of the camera. Also, it can also do both single and continuous shooting and has a self-timer.


This is another camera that can be picked up quite cheap by hobbyists or collectors. It is a simple camera to use and it’s compatible with a wide range of lenses. Some modes aren’t useable with older lenses so it’s worth checking that before buying or budgeting for some new lenses.

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