1980's Canon

Canon AE-1 Program

Canon AE-1 Program
Release Year1981
Release Price60,000 yen (~$550)
Lens MountFD Mount

It was five years after the Canon AE-1 became a worldwide hit. Many users wanted the program AE mode that was featured in the Canon A-1. This mode set both the shutter speed and aperture automatically. The user just had to press the shutter button.

The Canon AE-1 Program camera was developed in response to the demand for program AE and to succeed the original Canon AE-1. The camera now had both shutter speed-priority AE and program AE modes. It also sported a palm grip like the Canon A-1. The camera was also compatible with the A-1’s Motor Drive MA. The viewfinder featured LEDs. It was quite an advanced camera.

To make Motor Drive MA compatible with the Canon AE-1 Program camera, it had three electrical contacts instead of only two which the original version had. Also, Power Winder A was converted into Power Winder A2 for higher performance.

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