1970's Canon

Canon F-1

Canon F-1
Release Year1971
Release Price78,000 yen (~$700)
Lens MountFD Mount

After five years and a large investment in money and labor, the top-of-the-line 35mm Canon F-1 system was born.

The FD lens mount was newly developed for the new line of FD lenses. The new lens mount enabled fully-coupled automatic exposure metering. The camera system also included the first accessory ever for remote picture-taking with the camera. The many accessories enabled seamless and instant compatibility.

The Canon F-1 camera was built to endure 100,000 picture-taking cycles, temperatures ranging from -30 C to 60 C, and 90% humidity. Being a highly durable and reliable camera, the F-1 gained many followers including pros. Except for a one-time revision, the camera was manufactured and sold for ten years.

The Canon F-1 uses the Canon FD lens mount, which was introduced alongside the camera. Between 1970 and 1979, a total of 68 different FD mount lens models were produced, ranging from 7.5mm to 800mm in focal length.

Like most professional 35 mm cameras of the 1970s, the F-1 had interchangeable viewfinders. To remove the viewfinder, you must press the two small buttons at the rear sides of the finder, and slide the finder toward the back of the camera (or depress one button on the bottom of the Speed Finder).

The camera shipped with a standard pentaprism finder, called an “eye-level finder” by Canon, plus other finders available included a waist-level finder, Speed Finder, Booster T finder, and Servo EE finder.

The F-1’s back was removable. A Data Back F (for the original F-1 and F-1n), Data Back FN (which being mechanical is now incapable of putting the current year on a photo) or a bulk film back that could hold 250 exposures could be attached. The Film Chamber 250 could be used alone or with the Motor Drive Unit or Motor Drive MF (the MF’s grip had to be removed and coupled via a dedicated cord).

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