1960's Canon

Canon FX

Canon FX
Release Year1964
Release Price44,800 yen (~$410)
Lens MountFL Mount

After the CanonFlex RM, the Canon FX was the first in a new series having an aperture linkage on a new lens mount.

The model designation’s “flex” (for single-lens reflex) suffix was replaced with an “F.”

The new aperture linkage was designed to reduce the film advance torque and to integrate TTL light metering. After the shutter was released, the lens reverted to the maximum aperture regardless of the film advance state.

The built-in CdS exposure meter indicated the proper aperture for the selected shutter speed. A lever switched between the high (EV9 to 18) and low (EV1 to 10) metering sensitivity ranges.

The Canon FX was available with either silver or black metal parts.

There were only two known all-black models until November 2014; There are now at least three, two are owned by a private collector in Indiana, USA and another one by a private collector in Koromilia, Kilkis, Greece.

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Some info I found:

There may be a date code inside the film chamber, a letter followed by 4 or 5 numbers. The letter indicates the year; “E” is 1964, “F”=’65, etc. The first one or two digits indicates the month.

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