1970's Canon

Canon FTb QL

Canon FTb QL
Release Year1971
Release Price35,000 yen (~$320)
Lens MountFD Mount

Like the flagship Canon F-1, the Canon FTb QL was compatible with FD lenses. It was a mass-market camera having the same basic features as the Canon F-1.

Like the F-1, it had maximum-aperture TTL metering, match-needle exposure adjustment, and high-precision 12% partial metering at the center. Being a mid-tier 35mm SLR camera, the Canon FTb QL was well received by many amateur photographers. It also allowed stop-down TTL metering (match needle) for FL lenses and situations when stop-down viewing was required.

The Canon FTb QL was primarily intended to be a camera for the advanced amateur photographer, offering many of the same features and same build quality as the Canon F-1, but without the option of interchangeable prisms, focusing screens, or motor drives.

The Canon FTb QL has an all-mechanical horizontally traveling focal plane shutter with timed speeds from 1/1000 to 1 second and bulb. The FTb has rubberized silk shutter curtains rather than the more durable but more expensive titanium curtains found on the F-1.

In 1973, the FTb design was revised slightly. The camera was given a plastic tipped film advance lever plus, the stop down lever was changed to the same style as that found on the F-1. The PC sync socket was given a spring-loaded plastic cover and the ring around the outer edge of the shutter speed dial was changed from a scalloped design to a diamond textured design. Finally, a shutter speed display was added in the lower left hand corner of the viewfinder. This model was unofficially known as FTb-N or FTbn.

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